CyberMED CM-M156

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CyberMED CM-M156 - 15.6 calowy bez wentylatorowy komputer panelowy

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CyberMED CM-M156

CyberMED CM-M156

CyberMED CM-M156 - 15.6 calowy bez wentylatorowy komputer panelowy

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Space saving, solution for medical trolleys;
- Ideal as a built-in PC medical device

Space saving
-Compact PC panel ideal for medical trolleys or wherever space is limited.

Waterproof / IP 65
- Flat and fully sealed front panel - moisture-resistant and easy to clean and disinfect.

Passive cooling of components
A complete passive cooling system makes this device less vulnerable to damage.

Antibacterial housing
-Chroni of your patients and staff against the spread of microorganisms.

UPS / Internal battery
 - The device has a built-in battery and provides up to 1 hour of work without external power, so users can save their data.


VESA mounting

It can be mounted on the wall or on almost any surface, using standard VESA mounting holes for 75mm or 100mm.

PCAP touch screen
The screen of tempered glass with anti-reflection coating is equipped as standard with a 10-point PCAP multitouch screen.

Built-in RFID
Internal security is supported by the Imprivata OneSign® RFID reader (SSO), ensuring the safety of patient records.

RS232 ports
Supports legacy hardware thanks to the use of two RS232 ports. This is especially important for medical trolleys that often have additional older equipment.


Industrial components

CyberMed CM-M156 is built on the basis of industrial grade components to be able to function 24/7. CyberMed computers are built to achieve MTBF at 60000 hours.

Antibacterial surface
To reduce the spread of microorganisms, the device contains an antibacterial casing. The optional swivel base is also antibacterial, providing additional protection against the spread of germs. This is especially important in sterile conditions. The housing and the base can be disinfected many times without affecting the antimicrobial effectiveness.

Certificate EN60601-1
CyberMed CM-M156 meets the requirements of IEC 60601-1 for electrical and radiation emissions. The 60601-1 certification guarantees that the medical computer has been rigorously tested to be safe for medical personnel, especially patients with electric shock or radiation.

The ideal device for mobile EMR stations and laboratories
CyberMed M156 can be mounted on any medical cart and used to test electromagnetic radiation or other applications. It weighs only 5kg, so it is ideal for non-mechanized medical vehicles. Another application of the device are laboratories where the blood of passersses is examined. Thanks to the antibacterial surface, space saving and the possibility of easy cleaning of the device, the PC panel is the ideal solution in these environments.

Low energy consumption
CyberMed CM-M156 is effective at reduced power consumption. It can be used for 12 - 14 hours with an additional battery on the medical trolley.

Built-in privacy filter
To maintain the privacy of documents and information about patients in busy places, a privacy filter was used. We recommend the built-in privacy filter because the usual after a few cleaning sessions may be ineffective. The internal privacy filter will provide protection throughout the life of the device.

Easy to clean and disinfect
The surface of the computer is flat with no hollows, where dirt and germs can hide. This makes it easy to clean and disinfect. Its anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial coating also allows it to be used in sterile environments without fear of germs spreading.

Older equipment
CyberMed CM-M156 supports legacy equipment with up to four RS232 ports. This makes it ideal for anesthesia or other devices that use older interfaces (RS232). Thanks to its compact design, the CyberMed M156 can easily be mounted on an anesthetic trolley, leaving more space for other medical equipment in the operating room.

Thanks to the anti-bacterial coating, CyberMed CyberMed CM-M156 can be used in sterile environments without fear of germs spreading. Its construction without a fan also helps to reduce the spread of germs and is silent. Thanks to the low power consumption, CyberMed CM-M156 can operate without access to electricity on a medical trolley with an additional battery for another 12-14 hours. CyberMed M156 is equipped with an additional internal UPS that allows you to work for another hour without access to electricity.

Medical computer as an OEM solution

CyberMed CM-M156 is also a good choice for manufacturers of medical devices or other OEM solution providers. Due to their small size, low power consumption, the availability of a full-size PCI Express slot and optional insulated ports, the CyberMed M156 can be easily integrated as a built-in solution.



- 15.6 inch medical LCD display
- Resolution: 1366 x 768

-Processor Intel J1900 2GHz Quad Core

Operating system
-Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux


-2 DDR3 / 1600MHz sockets, up to 8GB

- one 2.5 "SATA socket + anti-vibration kit
Graphics Card
-Intel® HD Graphics

Network connection
-1x Gigabit (Gbe) Marvell 88E8071
Sound Card
-Realtek ALC262 with an amplifier

I / O ports
-1x USB 3.0 port, 3 x USB 2.0
-1x Port RS232 / 422/485
-1x RS232 port
-1x DVI-I port

Built-in battery
- Optional: built-in battery that allows you to work up to 1 hour without external power connected

- 100W medical power supply
- Input: Universal 90 ~ 264VAC, 47-63Hz.
- Supports output: DC 12V.

-10 point PCAP touch screen with Antiglare technology

Wireless access
-Intel® Centrino Dual Band WiFi with Bluetooth 4.0

VESA mounting
- Supports 75mm and 100mm VESA mounting

Decreases extensions
- 1x full size PCI Express slot
- 1x mini PCI Express slot
- Optional: 4KV PCI-e isolated socket (1x RS232, 1x USB 2.0, 1x LAN)


Swivel stand
- Optional rotatable stand for left / right rotation up to 60 °.
- Slope from -5 to 60 °.

-EN60601-1, CE, FCC, ES 6.1, UL60601-1

Processor - model Intel J1900
CPU - type Quad Core
Memory [GB] 4
RAM max. [GB] 8
Hard Disk [GB] 128
Hard Disk max. [GB] 1024
Display - diagonal ["] 15.6
Resolution [pixels] 1366 x 768
Touchscreen 10 point PCAP touch screen with Antiglare technology
Keyboard Onscreen
WiFi -Intel® Centrino Dual Band WiFi
Bluetooth Yes
Other ports -1x Port USB 3.0, 3 x USB 2.0 -1x Port RS232/422/485 -1x Port RS232 -1x Port DVI-I
Weight 5 kg

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CyberMED CM-M156

CyberMED CM-M156

CyberMED CM-M156 - 15.6 calowy bez wentylatorowy komputer panelowy

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