The CyberMED brand was created as a result of increasing demand for computer hardware in medicine.

Computers are necessary not only to run a patient information base in the registration department but also need to be in operating rooms or other treatment rooms where sterility is absolutely required. Access to the patient information base must also be mobile, for example in ambulances, which is why tablet mobile computers are also already offered and used in medicine. At any time, the doctor has access to the history of the disease, information about allergies, vaccinations, etc. Special medical prams have been created to transport a patient requiring constant connection of medical equipment. They provide continuous medical supervision along with specialist medical equipment during patient transport.

The medical equipment offered must guarantee reliability even in emergency situations such as falling or impact, which is why the designs of such solutions have increased resistance to damage similar to "rugged" equipment used, for example, in the army. Dust and water resistance to the front part or the entire device is also provided. The housing has an antibacterial coating and is resistant to disinfectants. For the sterile environment, fanless and noiseless solutions are used.